May 1, 2007

The rains have finally started to come down giving us some much needed cool weather. Southeast Asia is surrounded by water which brings in storm after storm during the wet season.

The DTC is nearing the end of the official school year (May 15) and is beginning to accept applications for next year. Please pray for next year's students. Pray the Lord would be with us as we select the students and discuss future classes and schedules.

The Churches are both doing well in the Lord. The rains make it difficult for some to attend services. The dirt roads they use to travel from their villages become very slippery and dangerous. To travel them by car or motorbike is a challenge but on a bicycle it is almost impossible. As the waters rise throughout the wet season many people must travel by boat. The Churches have boats that we use to pickup the members for worship. Similar to a church bus in the United States. Pray the people would persevere in these difficult traveling times.

God Bless,
Bill Hale

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