December 28, 2006

I am amazed by the way Cambodia teems with life. During the rainy season the land explodes with all kinds of fruits and vegetables and everything turns to a briliant green. The land has been plowed and seeded, watered and fertilized, and in due time the seed properly cared for produces abundant fruit.

Please pray for the work in Cambodia. As we plow up the thorns and briers, scatter the good seed, water the earth and wait for the "Heavenly" fruit, we know that it is God Almighty--in his good time--who gives the increase. Pray for the seed to fall on the good soil. Pray for the harvest workers to bring in the good fruit of the Gospel.



Building Photos

November 14th, 2006

The Discipleship Students class picture with Chheng Nuon in the center. Three members of our church have just come back from visiting the Church of Mercy. They report that all is well and the have returned with many good pictures. More pictures soon to follow.
Grace and Peace,


September 30, 2006

(Bill, Chheng, Sophorn, Jennifer)

The Churches in Prek Ambel and Sre Trang are doing well in the Lord. Chheng said the students are studing hard. He has had a few decide the schedule was too hard and they dropped out of the program. Even with these reductions there are still 20 students in this year class. Thanks be to God!

Please review the prayer requests below for the work in Cambodia. We must remember that Cambodia is a land that has long worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator for hundreds of years. Sin has reigned and continues to reign in the hearts of millions of Khmer people. Pray with us that the Lord would raise the dry bones of Cambodia. Pray that Christ would reign in their hearts!

Prek Ambel - Pray For:

Chheng's & Sophorn's health to remain strong
The believers to continue to be transformed by the renewing of their minds
The Lord's protection from wolves in sheep's clothing
Finances to come in to meet the needs of the ministry
The discipleship building construction to be well built
The village to remain open to the Gospel
Chheng's preaching to be filled with the Spirit and with power

Sre Trang - Pray For:

Pastor Ngan's ability to teach & shepherd the flock of God
The Church to consider each other as better than themselves
An "open" door of ministry in the area
The Lord to grant the village repentance
The Church to be salt and light in a dark place
The Gospel of God grace and mercy to be spread into the whole region
(2 Corinthians 5:19-21)

May God bless you for your prayers and gifts for Cambodia,
Bill Hale


August 30, 2006

The Lord has blessed the Church of Mercy with 17 Bible school students this year. Please pray for them to be faithful to their studies and filled with knowledge from God. We hope God will raise up these students to be happy workers sent out into His harvest field. To God be the glory!

Here is an updated picture of the progress being made on the school. Once the roof is complete the school can be used for classes. The finishing touches will be done throughout the rest of the school year. We need around $6,000 to complete the roof. Please pray for the Lord to provide in His good timing and providence. May God bless you and keep you!

Bill Hale


August 12, 2006

The Discipleship Training Center is coming along nicely. The foundation has been poured and the exterior and interior walls are almost completed. By God's grace, classes will be conducted here very soon. Thank God for his goodness and provision.

Also, Jennifer and I are well on the way toward raising our financial needs. We have about 25% of our monthly needs met and have received another $2,800 in one-time gifts. We have been overwelmed by the gifts of love and encouraged to see God working. Please pray that God will continue to provide for Jennifer and me as well as the Mission of Mercy in Cambodia.

We are scheduled to speak of the Cambodian mission work at a couple churches in Alabama this September. We are so glad to have the opportunity to share what God is doing with the Church of Mercy. Grace and Peace to you in the name of Christ the King!

Bill Hale


June 26, 2006

The work in Cambodia continues to progress. The Discipleship Training School will begin its 2nd year of study in September. Currently there are 10 students enrolled but we hope to have 15 by the first day of class. Please continue to pray for our school and for the students.

Prayer requests for the Discpleship Training Center:

  • Need about $30,000 to complete the first floor of the new building
  • Need bibles, hymn books, and study books for all the new students ($30/ea student)
  • Need living expenses for each student ($50/ea per month)
  • Pray for help to learn the Scriptures
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead them in holiness
  • Pray to serve the Lord faithfully in their studies

May God bless you as you pray for the Church of Mercy Mission in Cambodia.

Bill Hale


May 30, 2006

Jennifer and I plan to send out our mission to Cambodia brochures sometime this week. Two weeks from now we will send out the prayer/response cards to individuals. Please pray that the Lord would use this information to increase the awareness for the Cambodia work. Pray also that the Lord would provide for our needs in the coming months and years. May God bless you and keep you.

Bill Hale