Back to School in Cambodia!

Hello again!  We have just begun our fourth year of school here at the PATC.  We have 21 students in this year's class.  Here is what their schedule looks like:

Our teachers this year are:

Pastor Chheng Nuon - 2 classes of the T.E.E. program
Bill Hale - Systematic Theology, 1689 London Confession, 2 classes of Computer Tech, Guitar
Jennifer Hale - 4 levels of English
Miss Sopheak - Piano level 2
Miss Sreylip - Piano level 1

Also the October 2008 newsletter is posted on our web site.  

October Newsletter Click to read the newsletter

Please pray for our teachers and students to be filled with grace, faith, and wisdom to make the most of this good time in Cambodia.

Grace and Peace
The Church of Mercy