February 8, 2007

(Children in Sre Trang)

The work continues on in the Cambodian countryside. Both churches are doing well in the Lord and the discipleship school is busy preparing students for the Lord's service. In Prek Ambel we have recently opened an English class for children from 5PM to 7PM every evening. The turnout has been amazing! Last night we had over 100 children in attendance. The class is one part English and one part Bible teaching. Many of the children were in church on Sunday. Please pray for this ministry as it is somewhat overwelming to have so many students. We have run out of chairs and tables but they don't mind to find a shady tree somewhere and sit on the ground to learn.

Please pray that the Lord would help us to steward these dear ones. Pray we would present the Gospel to them clearly and that the seed would find the good soil.

Grace and Peace,


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